Pulisic Opens Up Ahead of Copa America

EXCLUSIVE: American Star Christian Pulisic Speaks to GOAL about Life, Learnings, and the USMNT Ahead of Summer Tournament

Ahead of the upcoming Copa America on home soil, GOAL had the opportunity to sit down with American football sensation Christian Pulisic. The star player opened up about his life-changing season, the upcoming tournament, and the potential for a legacy-defining moment. But most importantly, Pulisic discussed how he’s been doing personally.

“I appreciate the question, to be honest,” Pulisic said, breaking into a smile. As one of American soccer’s most famous figures, the 24-year-old has had to answer countless questions throughout his career. Being a private person by nature, Pulisic has had to navigate the challenges of living a very public life since the age of 16.

Pulisic acknowledged that the questions have become harder to answer, especially as his time at Chelsea took a downward turn. “What can you do to fix this?” and “What’s going wrong?” were just some of the repetitive queries he faced. However, on this occasion, Pulisic was eager to discuss matters more personal to him.

“When you start doing interviews all the time, you get similar questions,” Pulisic told GOAL. “You can kind of go into that interview mode, and I think I just kind of give the same old boring answers. But I think it’s important to ask questions and it’s important to get people talking about things that actually are interesting to them.”

The American star emphasized that his whole life revolves around football, and that’s all people want to know about. While he understands the curiosity, Pulisic, who considers himself a private person, would appreciate being asked more about his personal life and well-being.

With the USMNT’s quest for success at the Copa America just around the corner, Pulisic is focused on the upcoming tournament and the potential for a legacy-defining moment. But above all, he’s eager to discuss how he’s been doing, a topic he wishes was addressed more often in his interviews.

As the football world eagerly awaits Pulisic’s performance at the Copa America, his candid conversation with GOAL offers a glimpse into the man behind the superstar, highlighting the importance of considering the personal well-being of athletes alongside their professional exploits.

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