Football News: England Arrives at Euro 2024 Base Camp in Germany

The England national football team and its staff have arrived at their incredible Euro 2024 base camp in Germany, setting up at the Golfresort Weimarer Land near Leipzig. The luxury five-star resort, which has previously hosted the German national team and Scottish giants Rangers, will serve as England’s home for the duration of the tournament.

Facilities and Amenities

The 94-room retreat offers England all the facilities they could need, including:

  • Two full-size football pitches for training
  • A fully equipped gym
  • A wellness center

The players will even be greeted by a robot waiter, Kehrbart, who is decked out in a Germany shirt but will now serve the England team.

“I have always said I’m only interested in having one team here โ€” the team that wins the Euros โ€” and I believe that team will be England.”

  • Matthias Grafe, Owner of Golfresort Weimarer Land

The resort has undergone some modifications to accommodate the England squad, such as blacking out the windows to prevent the “notorious yellow press” from taking photographs. Special requests have also been made, including ensuring that English television is available in the rooms and that the air conditioning is up to par.

Player Accommodations and Preparations

While the players’ partners will not be staying at the hotel, they will be able to visit the team at various points during the tournament. Gareth Southgate and the FA have opted for a more secluded and private environment to allow the players to focus on their preparations.

England’s Euro 2024 campaign kicks off on June 16 against Serbia in Gelsenkirchen, a 229-mile journey from their base camp. They will then face Denmark and Slovenia in the group stage, with the latter being the closest opponents, based in Wuppertal, which is just 30 miles from Cologne.

With all the necessary facilities and a comfortable environment, the England players are sure to feel at home and ready to compete for the Euro 2024 title.

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