Football News Update: Keir Starmer Calls for Review of Late Kick-offs in Premier League

Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has called for a review into late kick-offs at Premier League matches to address the rising costs for football supporters. Starmer, who has a season ticket at Arsenal, believes that the increasing number of evening games, particularly those scheduled at 8 pm on Saturdays, are making it more expensive for away fans to attend matches.

“Going to football matches is too expensive, particularly the upper end, and I’d link that to some of the late kick-offs,” Starmer told the Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast.

The Labour leader expressed his desire for a new football regulator to examine whether the Premier League should be allowed to schedule such late kick-offs, which he believes are primarily beneficial for broadcasters rather than the supporters.

Starmer’s comments come as part of Labour’s promise to revive a package of football regulation measures, including the establishment of an independent football regulator. The party aims to use this regulator to enforce stricter rules on club ownership, though Starmer rejected calls for an outright ban on foreign states owning clubs.

Labour’s Proposed Football Regulations

  • The Labour leader emphasized the importance of preventing the re-emergence of plans for a breakaway European Super League, which was widely condemned by fans, domestic leagues, and governments in 2021.
  • Starmer stated that the proposed football regulation legislation would be passed quickly to address this issue.
  • However, Starmer dismissed suggestions that the package of football regulations could include a proposal to levy a 10% charge on transfers, which would then be distributed to lower league clubs.

As the football world eagerly awaits the upcoming Euro 2024, Champions League, FIFA World Cup, and Women’s World Cup, the debate surrounding the impact of late kick-offs on supporter costs is likely to continue. Football enthusiasts will be watching closely to see how the Labour party’s proposed reforms and the potential establishment of a new football regulator could address this issue and enhance the overall experience for fans.

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