Football News Update: 2025 Africa Cup of Nations Moved to December-January

In a move aimed at accommodating the burgeoning football calendar, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has announced that the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations will be held from December 21, 2025, to January 18, 2026. This decision comes as the latest in a series of changes to the biennial tournament, which has struggled to find a suitable slot in recent years.

The 2025 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the continent’s premier international football competition, will kick off in December 2025, a departure from the traditional January-February timing. This shift is largely driven by the increasing demands on the football calendar, particularly with the emergence of FIFA’s proposed expanded Club World Cup, which has collided with the Cup of Nations’ traditional slot.

The decision to host the 2025 tournament in the December-January period is seen as the “least bad option” available to CAF, as the organization grapples with the challenges of coordinating the event amidst a crowded international schedule. The past two editions of the Cup of Nations have also faced disruptions, with the 2023 tournament being held in Ivory Coast in January-February 2024 due to weather considerations.

“The decision to host the 2025 Cup of Nations in December-January reflects the ongoing efforts of CAF to adapt and find a suitable compromise amidst the evolving landscape of international football.”

The move to December-January is the latest in a series of calendar adjustments for the Africa Cup of Nations, which has historically been played in even-numbered years. In 2013, the tournament was shifted to odd-numbered years to avoid clashing with the FIFA World Cup. However, the introduction of the expanded Champions League format has now further complicated the scheduling of the African showpiece event.

Despite the logistical challenges, the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations remains a crucial event for the development and promotion of football across the African continent. As the governing body of African football, CAF is tasked with ensuring the tournament’s continued success, even in the face of growing global competition for the attention and resources of the sport.

As the countdown to the 2025 tournament begins, football fans across Africa and beyond will eagerly anticipate the drama and excitement that the continent’s premier national team competition is sure to deliver.

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