Football News: Euro 2024, Champions League, and FIFA World Cup Updates

In a recent gathering at the Champions League final, Sir Alex Ferguson was reunited with a number of familiar faces from his illustrious Manchester United tenure, including the enigmatic John Obi Mikel. The Scot’s encounter with Mikel, however, seemed to carry an undercurrent of unresolved tension.

The photo, shared on The Obi One Podcast X page, showed Ferguson and Mikel sharing an awkward moment, with the former United manager appearing less than impressed while the Nigerian midfielder sported a slight smirk. The caption read, “THE BOSS,” suggesting that all is now forgiven between the two football personalities.

“I saw him one time, it was Manchester United against Chelsea, I was coming out of the dressing room, and as I was coming out of the door at the corner, he was coming out and I just s*** myself,” Mikel revealed on The Debrief Podcast.

Mikel and Ferguson’s history dates back to 2005 when the Red Devils signed the young Nigerian midfielder. However, the transfer saga that followed was anything but smooth, with Mikel initially signing a contract with United before ultimately joining Chelsea in a controversial move that left the Premier League giants fuming.

Despite this tumultuous past, the two men have crossed paths numerous times, and Mikel once recounted a particularly nerve-wracking encounter with the legendary manager.

Putting the past aside, Ferguson and Mikel were both in attendance at Wembley Stadium to witness Real Madrid’s 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final. Dani Carvajal’s header and Vinicius Junior’s left-footed strike sealed the 15th European title for the Spanish giants.

As the football world turns its attention to the upcoming Euro 2024 and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the reunion between Ferguson and Mikel serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy and human stories that weave through the fabric of the beautiful game.

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