Football News Update: Serbian FA Fined for Misconduct During Euro 2024 Match

In the latest Football news, the Serbian Football Association has been handed a significant fine by UEFA following incidents during their Euro 2024 match against England. The Serbian FA has been ordered to pay a total of £12,250 (14,500 euros) after objects were thrown and a provocative message was displayed during the Group C encounter on 16 June.

According to the report, a complaint was made to UEFA by the Kosovo Football Federation regarding the display of a provocative message during England’s 1-0 victory over Serbia in Gelsenkirchen. The Serbian FA was fined £3,800 (4,500 euros) for the throwing of objects and an additional £8,450 (10,000 euros) for transmitting a “provocative message not fit for a sports event”.

UEFA’s investigation into allegations of racist chanting towards England players during the match is still ongoing and is yet to be opened. The governing body of European football is taking a strong stance against such incidents, aiming to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all participants and fans.

This fine serves as a reminder to football associations across the continent to ensure strict adherence to UEFA’s disciplinary regulations and to foster an atmosphere of sportsmanship and respect during major tournaments like Euro 2024.

As the road to the UEFA European Championship continues, the Football community will be closely monitoring developments and hoping for a smooth and incident-free build-up to the highly anticipated event.

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