Football News Update: Euro 2024, Champions League, FIFA World Cup, and More

In a recent discussion, football pundit Gary Neville has questioned why England’s James Maddison did not remain with the national team after being informed that he did not make the final 26-man squad for the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament.

Maddison, who has earned seven caps for England, was initially included in the Three Lions’ pre-tournament squad but was ultimately left out of the final selection. The Tottenham midfielder released a statement expressing his disappointment but acknowledged that he had not performed at a high enough level towards the end of the domestic season to secure his place.

However, Neville, a former England international himself, has voiced his disapproval over Maddison’s decision to leave the squad between the Bosnia and Iceland fixtures. Neville has always been irked by players who seem to believe they are better than those who were selected, though he did not suggest this sentiment applied to Maddison.

“Why did he leave early? I would have stayed there. The reason I would have stayed would probably have been one, there is an element of duty; ultimately you are in it together, and I always have this feeling in football that if you are left out, you should still support the team,” Neville said on The Overlap, a popular football podcast.

Neville further elaborated, suggesting that Maddison could have demonstrated his willingness to be a backup player, which may have increased his chances of being called upon in case of an injury to another member of the squad.

“You have a duty to be professional. The reason I would have stayed secondly is, let’s say [Phil] Foden got injured somehow in that game. I would have wanted to make sure โ€“ I think Gareth [Southgate] would have thought I’m going to keep the guy who stayed, I’m not going to pick the guy who has gone home,” Neville added.

This discussion comes as the football world gears up for a busy summer, with the UEFA Champions League final, the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the Africa Cup of Nations all on the horizon, in addition to the highly anticipated Euro 2024 tournament.

As teams finalize their preparations and squads, the issue of player commitment and professionalism has once again come to the forefront, with Neville’s comments highlighting the importance of supporting the team, even when individual disappointment is involved.

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