Football News Update: City’s FFP Case Faces Damaging Delay, Ratcliffe Targeted

In a concerning development for football enthusiasts, the ongoing legal battle between Manchester City and the Premier League over Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules has taken a damaging turn, with the case potentially dragging on for an additional two seasons.

According to former Everton and Aston Villa CEO Keith Wyness, the complex case, which has already lasted for years, could now extend until 2026 as Manchester City have launched an unprecedented legal challenge against the Premier League’s Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules.

“It affects the Premier League brand considerably,” as the uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the case continues to loom large over the league’s reputation.

The former executive’s comments come in the wake of INEOS chief Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s warning to the Premier League, urging them not to “disadvantage” the top six clubs, which include Manchester City. Ratcliffe argued that these clubs are the driving force behind the league’s global interest, and they should have a stronger say in the decision-making process.

Wyness, however, has hit back at Ratcliffe’s stance, suggesting that the top clubs, like Manchester City, should demonstrate more responsibility and avoid “gallivanting around shouting about a European Super League.”

The FFP case against Manchester City, which involves over 100 charges, could result in a significant punishment if the club is found guilty, ranging from a hefty fine to a points deduction, transfer ban, or even expulsion from the Premier League.

As the football world watches on, the fate of Manchester City and the potential impact on the Premier League remains uncertain, with the case now expected to drag on for at least another two seasons before a final verdict is reached.

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