Premier League Clubs to Unveil Teams 15 Minutes Earlier in 2024/25 Season

In a significant change for the upcoming 2024/25 Premier League season, clubs will be expected to unveil their team selections 15 minutes earlier than in previous years. The new rule aligns the Premier League with UEFA competitions, which also abide by the 75-minute pre-match team announcement policy.

Previously, Premier League rules stipulated that each of the 20 clubs must make their team selections public exactly 60 minutes before kick-off. However, this rule has now been updated, and teams will be required to release their lineups 75 minutes prior to the start of the match.

This means that for a 3 pm Saturday fixture, the team sheets will be made available to the public at 1:45 pm. The decision to bring the Premier League in line with UEFA’s approach is expected to provide more time for fans, media, and opponents to analyze the team selections.

While some top clubs, such as Real Madrid, have often chosen to reveal their lineups up to two hours before kick-off, this is not expected to become the norm across the league. Managers typically prefer to keep their team choices private for as long as possible to avoid giving opponents a potential tactical advantage.

The upcoming 2024/25 Premier League season is shaping up to be an exciting one, with the fixture release day on Tuesday teasing some intriguing opening-weekend matches. Newly-promoted Ipswich Town will face a daunting task as they take on Liverpool in their first top-flight fixture since 2002, while new Chelsea manager Enzo Maresca will square off against defending champions, Manchester City.

As the Premier League and European football continue to evolve, these changes to the team news announcement protocols aim to enhance the fan experience and maintain a level playing field for all clubs involved.

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