Ronaldo’s Experience Crucial for Portugal’s Euro 2024 Campaign

As the excitement of the Euro 2024 tournament continues to build, the role of Portugal’s veteran superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been a topic of much discussion. Though the 38-year-old may not be finding the back of the net as often as he once did, his team-mates recognize the immense value he brings to the squad.

Experienced Players Are Vital

“We all know that it is important to have experienced players, like Cristiano Ronaldo,” said Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes. “In fact, Pepe is probably the most experienced in the entire tournament. We know they are vital to us.”

Ronaldo’s Enduring Quality

Former Spain midfielder Cesc Fabregas, speaking on BBC One, acknowledged Ronaldo’s enduring quality, saying, “For some of the best to have played the game, Ronaldo still has plenty to contribute at this level. Whatever you do, if Ronaldo plays well or the team plays well, he always finds a chance. He takes care of himself to another level. He needs just one little moment of space to create a chance. His overall play has been much better than the last couple of years.”

Balancing Ronaldo’s Role

BBC pundit Alan Shearer praised Ronaldo’s desire, but suggested the veteran striker might have to accept a reduced role in some games for the benefit of the team. “This is key to whether Portugal can go on and win the competition, because if he accepts he cannot play 90 minutes every game that will go a long way to them winning this,” Shearer added.

Ronaldo’s Focus on Team Success

Ronaldo had previously talked up the quality of this Portugal squad, saying they deserved to go all the way and replicate the country’s 2016 Euro triumph. His joyous reaction to Goncalo Conceicao’s match-winning goal against Spain suggests Ronaldo’s focus remains firmly on the team’s success, rather than his own individual achievements.

As Portugal continue their quest for Euro 2024 glory, Ronaldo’s experience and team-first mentality could prove crucial in navigating the challenges ahead.

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