Football News Update: Euro 2024, Champions League, FIFA World Cup, and More

The 2023-24 season has been an exciting one for football enthusiasts across Europe. In a remarkable feat, the English Football League (EFL) Championship has recorded the highest overall attendance at its matches since records began more than 130 years ago.

According to the EFL, over 12 million tickets were purchased for second-tier games in the 2023-24 season, a staggering 22% increase from the previous year. This figure surpasses the attendance numbers of Germany’s Bundesliga, Spain’s La Liga, and Italy’s Serie A, making the Championship the second-highest-attended league in Europe, trailing only the Premier League.

The cumulative figure across the EFL leagues, including the Championship, League One, and League Two, reached almost 22 million tickets sold last season. This is the highest tally since the 1951-52 season and an 11% increase on the previous year.

“The 2023-24 numbers are tangible proof that our competitions now rank among some of the most exciting and popular in European football. It really is a remarkable feat when you consider the quality of players and football on show across the continent.” – EFL chief executive Trevor Birch

The surge in attendance highlights the growing popularity of the EFL and the importance of protecting the football pyramid. The Championship play-off final between Leeds United and Southampton at Wembley, won 1-0 by the Saints, even had a higher attendance (85,862) than the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Manchester City at the national stadium the previous day (84,814).

As the football world eagerly awaits the upcoming Euro 2024, Champions League, FIFA World Cup, and Women’s World Cup competitions, the EFL’s impressive attendance figures serve as a testament to the enduring passion of football fans across England and beyond.

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