Football News: Wrexham’s Paul Mullin Praises Fans as Club Secures Back-to-Back Promotions

Wrexham, Wales – Even with the club’s recent success, promotions, and unexpected fame, the ever-grounded striker Paul Mullin is keen to remind everyone what has primarily taken Wrexham into League One. “Forget the owners and forget me, it’s the fans who kept Wrexham alive,” he tells Sky Sports. “Let’s be honest, this club wouldn’t be here without those people.

Mullin’s Unexpected Journey

The 29-year-old, who has spent the vast majority of his career in the EFL, has had quite the unexpected journey. As the top scorer in League Two during Cambridge’s promotion in 2020/21, Mullin made a surprise move to the National League with Wrexham. What has followed since on the pitch and off it has been remarkable.

Wrexham, the third oldest club in the world formed in 1864, were a Football League club until their relegation in 2008. Fifteen years in non-League followed before Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over the club in 2020. After failing to make the National League play-offs in 2021 and being eliminated in the play-offs in 2022, Wrexham were promoted as champions in 2023 and have now secured back-to-back promotions by finishing in the top three of League Two this season.

No,” Mullin simply replies when asked if he expected the journey he has been on in his three seasons in North Wales. “But what I did expect was the success in terms of climbing the leagues. That was my goal when I signed, to get up the ladder.

Raising Awareness for Autism

Mullin’s rise to prominence has also led him to become a sought-after media attraction, particularly in the USA where the Wrexham documentary has captured significant attention. He has even written a book to document his journey with the club, using his platform to help raise awareness for autism, a cause close to his heart due to his young son.

Looking Ahead to League One

Last summer’s promotion from the National League led to a trip to Vegas, gifted by Reynolds and McElhenney, and a US tour that saw Wrexham face the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea. Another extravaganza awaits after the end of this campaign, but Mullin is looking forward to a simpler summer spent with his son.

Soon, attention will turn to next season and League One, a huge step up from what Wrexham have faced so far. Mullin insists, however, there has been no talk of turning back-to-back into back-to-back-to-back. “It’s way too soon for that,” he says with a smile. “The owners have obviously said their dream is to get to the Premier League, but that’s not so realistic to us!

Downplaying the expectations, Mullin knows there will be some expectation they can do it all again. And who would back against them achieving another Hollywood ending for Wrexham Football Club?

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